Van: Sunday, May 5th, 2024
Tot: Sunday, June 23rd, 2024
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Technology, not adventure, tells us how we should live. We’ve forgotten what our own body sensors tell us. Technology informs us about our state of mind and when we have had enough sleep. For a child born in this generation, technology has already predicted its future. All imperfections should be smoothed out. The malleability of man has caught up with us. We have been knocked-out. But isn’t it the damage that we suffer that makes us human. The works of art in KNOCKED OUT show us humanity in a technological world. 

Curator The Orchid & The Wasp    Artists Adriano La Licata, Dong-Wook Jang, Ellen Ogawa, Hanna Monola, Isa Roelink, 
Juan Borgognoni, Laura A Dima, Maud Oonk, Maurice Nuite, Nanna Lahn, Rodrigo N Albonoz, Robbert van Strien, 
Selby Gildemacher, Heerko van der Kooij

The Orchid & The Wasp is a 2015 artist initiative by Maud Oonk. She organises exhibitions and encourages artists to experiment with new ways of presentation by focusing on the making process. 

Photo Hanna Monola