Ellen Klijzing

‘We tend to reflect all forms on our self, we relate our thoughts and actions to nature as a part of this natural environment. We search always for the obvious and translate these in a similar manner in technology. Nearly all nature’s concepts are possible to be utilized to benefit of mankind. An artist uses ideas and philosophies of these given natures concepts as a result, because it is part of this nature as well. I utilize technologies and materials in reflection to nature as a source and as a translation in the creation of my art.’

After graduation from the Rietveld Academy of Fine Art, Ellen Klijzing commits her to theatre and performance productions at the theatre group ‘Dogtroep’. Experiences gained at experimental theatre are of great influence on her work of art. Unorthodox material use, experimental applications and element reactions reflect in her art works. Many times material experiments last so long until the precise art expression is achieved.