Vincent Rang

Vincent Rang (1989) is an experimental visual artist working primarily with moving image as a medium. He believes in the power of the audio visual as a door into another world. His works explore the themes of scale, time, natural patterns and is always seeking a symbiosis between sound and image.

His gaze is often directed towards the natural dances of life. He observes, captures and re-arranges these occurrences, from wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes and rock formations, to create abstract audio-visual experiences, offering the viewer space to find their own truth and interpretation in the work, and most importantly, to feel them.

One of his ongoing live project involves using a water-filled aquarium to create ever evolving moving paintings, using inks, plants and light. This lead to the release of the a/v album Home, in collaboration with Boris Acket, which he performed in various places in The Netherlands, such as Het Muziekgebouw and the Nxt Museum.

In 2022, Rang initiated the project Monolith, in collaboration with pianist Helena Basilova and sound artist Kenny Kneefel. Monolith is an installation that dives deeper into the theme of time and seeks to create a deep-time experience of rock formations, using iron salt chemicals reacting inside an aquarium filled with sodium silicate.