Rombout Oomen

The work of Rombout Oomen (Amsterdam, 1975) finds itself on a cutting edge of opposites. The compositions of Oomens paintings seem to be inspired by the period of the enlightenment. but in the performances of its scenes, cool rationalism is the only absentee. The light that shines in his work is flaming and dangerous. The people portrayed entered somewhere in the eighteenth century at Jacques-Louis david’s revolutionary and thrilling environment. Perfumed, well cut and fit, they began celebrating a decent and enlightened ball. In Rombout Oomen’s work, they finish possessed, stuffed and tired without illusions in a bacchanal where they never found the exit. Unhinged in a circus carousel that led them drunk through the night. No reason, love or salvation remains. Only worn out lust and grotesque concepts, which perhaps give moments of thrill and instant happiness – but do not ask for how long.