Van: donderdag, oktober 19th, 2023
Tot: zondag, oktober 22nd, 2023
Begint: 12:00
Einde: 05:00
Locatie: NDSM-loods

DGTL is a festival full of discovery, inspiration and innovation. At DGTL we constantly strive for a balance between the leading names in art and music, the newest discoveries and exciting local treasures.

We design impressive stages within raw, industrial settings. Partnering with the best VJs, we create mesmerising light effects and visuals. In addition to celebrating electronic music and art, DGTL is a space for experiments and exploration of revolutionary sustainability projects. DGTL is highly aware of its environmental impact and aims to be the most sustainable festival on the planet and invests heavily in reducing carbon footprint. Not only is the festival known for its plant-based food court and being free of single-use plastics, DGTL became fully sustainable and circular in 2022.

DGTL is much more than a festival; it is a global concept, an event that is present all around the world. Born in Amsterdam in 2013, DGTL has now grown into becoming a global brand with editions in Tel Aviv (IL), Mumbai, New Delhi (IN), Santiago (CL), São Paulo (BR), and many more to come.

For more info check DGTL website