Eva de Klerk

Eva de Klerk is the initiator and concept developer of the regeneration program for the NDSM Shipbuilding Warehouse which started in 1999 and includes Skatepark Amsterdam, 120 studio’s and work space, a sustainable energy system and the restaurant Noorderlicht. Working through localized communities in deprived and abandoned areas of Amsterdam she has campaigned and lobbied on behalf of every sector of society to be represented at all levels of regeneration programs be they regional, national or abroad. From hip hop and skateboarders to development of commercial new energy companies, art and crafts markets and housing for both living spaces and studio complexes for artists, She is currently working as a consultant and inspiration for creative industry and urban development projects in Japan, Morocco, Denmark, Germany and in the West and South-East districts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Krishna Kaur, writer and flim maker: “Eva de Klerk is now one of the leading European experts on helping government and industry form lasting bonds with the needs of ordinary everyday people”