NDSM-Plein 97 – Bahama’s Lounge 97

Creative Technologist and Multimedia Designer

Deniz Kurt

I use technology as a medium to understand and augment human creativity.

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Redacteur | Researcher | Tekstschrijver

Eveline Gillot

Werkzaam als tekstschrijver, redacteur voor diverse (jeugd)media en researcher voor documentaires & non-fictie series.

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Levy Toredjo

Levy is the connector, with years of experience in various commercial roles, Levy can help you pursue your ambitions and expand your business

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Graphic Designer - Art Director

Marta Veludo Studio

Marta Veludo is a graphic designer and art director inspired by the pop-culture, folk art, pound shops and tumblr, fascinated by inventions, colour, movement and compositions.

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