Balthasar Prinsen

My studio is characterized by a wide variety of work for many different disciplines. I regularly make and/or design large textile tent-like constructions, wall hangings and coverings. I also design and make costumes and/or clothing for theater, dance, opera and individual artists. For both experimental projects and commercial events. I designed and made creations for these brands and organisations: Diesel, Wrangler, Erwin Olaf, Greenpeace, Efteling, Sensation, Scotch & Soda, Tomorrowland, Wink, Sfx, WWF, Bird Protection, National Ballet and Opera. In 2022 I realized the monumental installation Ascending in the North Wing of the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam North in collaboration with Sarah Payton and Thomas Akerboom. This project was made possible thanks to a subsidy from the AFK and crowdfunding from voor de Kunst.

The quality, exclusivity and craftsmanship of the work are paramount in everything I make. My work is an expression of my involvement with the world around me and the connection I make with people, and patterns and constructions from nature are an important source of inspiration. Where possible I use materials that have been produced responsibly and fairly. During the manufacturing process, the amount of residual material is kept to a minimum. I often work with different specialists per project.